Larq Coupon Code

Today we would like to present you the LARQ Coupon Code. As always, you can find the savings options at the bottom of this page.




My Larq experience

I think the concept of Larq is great. It gives you the possibility to get clean drinking water everywhere. I was recently in Mexico on a long hike and the other people all had to carry 4 litres of water and I just had my Larq bottle with an integrated filter.

Now how did I get into Larq in the first place? The first contact was when a good friend showed me his Larq bottle. Actually, I didn’t think much of water filters before that. But when I first saw the Larq Bottle Flip Top in action, I had to try it for the first time. I think it looks so innovative, the design but also the daily use.

The bottle is already available from 40 € and I think the price is definitely justified.




The functions of the Larq bottle

There are three products that Larq offers. The first is the drinking bottle, which removes germs from the drinking water with UV light, the drinking bottle with integrated filter, where you drink the water through a straw, and the water carafe for the home. I own all three products myself, but this article is primarily about the drinking bottles!

The LARQ Bottle Flip Top is equipped with an integrated straw and a filter on the bottom. The water is kept cold for up to 24 hours, which I noticed very well during my hike. The water from the river was ice cold – a great effect in summer.

I can also recommend the water bottle with the carabiner, because you can attach the bottle to your backpack very easily. This makes a lot of sense, especially when hiking, and you always remember to drink enough water.

Especially the function with the drinking straw seemed really pleasant to me when using it. The LARQ bottles are also BPA free.


Larq offers a guarantee

What I also find particularly great is that Larq offers a 24-month guarantee. If there is something wrong with the bottle, you can contact the supplier.


How do you keep the Larq bottle clean?

It is recommended to wash the bottle lightly in lukewarm water with a detergent of your choice. I would not put the Larq bottle in the dishwasher. I would also not recommend using the Larq bottle straight with the straw in hot water. The 500ml version of the bottle weighs just 300g.




Drinking sensation on a new level

I also found the drinking sensation very pleasant. I actually thought it would be harder to drink from the bottle. But that’s not true. You can really drink from the bottle without any problems and without straining. The filter has a neutral taste and if the water has a taste of its own, it filters it out.

Lead, heavy metals, chlorine and larger particles that should be in your water source are filtered out.



I have honestly never seen such a beautiful water bottle. Since I got the Larq water bottle, I drink a lot more. It’s simply fun to drink from the bottle. I also take it with me to the gym, for example, and fill it up with tap water. I no longer worry about whether the tap water might be contaminated from the tap. That saves me a lot of time, luggage and, in the end, money.


How long does the filter last?

The filter usually lasts for 2 months or 151 litres of water that you filter. You can order the filters in a subscription model, then you save 26% on them, which is also a very good thing. Just think how many plastic bottles you will save! (According to Larq 300 disposable bottles). Shipping is free, which I think is really good.

If you are interested in what the Larq filter filters out of the water, you can read about it here.

There is a lot of technology in the filter, which ensures clean and tasty water.


How can I save on Larq?

There are a few ways you can really save at Larq. Please read through everything at your leisure to really understand all the discount options.

Student discount

Students get 10% when you shop at Larq through the student portal StudentBeans. We tested it and this Larq coupon code worked without any problems.



Probably the most effective way to save at Larq is through their newsletter. I was able to save a whole 15% on my Larq bottle this way because Larq sent me a coupon.

Maybe the Giesswein coupon code is also interesting for you!


Who can also save at Larq?

If you are a medical professional or teacher, you can also get discounts on your Larq purchases.


I hope you are happy with our Larq coupon code!